This will be my first time to use an onboard glow driver. There are 4 sets of wires that exit from the actual control module for the unit. On the front of the unit there are several controls and indications. This wire will attach to the engine to complete the glow circuit. December 14, at 8: I soldered two small steel spring clips to the wire and placed heat shrink over it to ensure that the clip didn? Perhaps Zor might not have been thinking about A’s cells in suggesting a lithium power source for a Sullivan onboard glow system

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Sullivan Products has a long history of bringing great products for RC planes to the market. Because I was breaking in the engines, and then syncing and setting sullivan onboard glow, I wanted to be able to turn the glow off to check my idle.

To solve the problem of sullivan onboard glow ground wire and the removable wing I chose to run two sets of wires glow plug sullivan onboard glow and ground from the control panel, one set gloow to each engine.

I used my starter on the engine and it immediately fired to life! I’m not worried about the engine flaming out in flight, just looking for a simpler way to get power to the glow plug for starting. Originally Posted by Cool Hand Luke.

Onboard Glow Drivers: Convenient & Safe! – Model Airplane News

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can redo sullivan onboard glow as often as desired. My BH Midget Mustang that is being built has an enclosed cowling and I have to use some sort of remote glow starter.

In the past there have been other glow drivers available that were little more than just a battery and a switch connected to the glow plug on the engine. The Sullivan Glow Driver comes in a small retail package that consists of a cardboard card with sullivan onboard glow product shrink wrapped in place on the card.

November 20, at 2: You sullivan onboard glow also turn the Driver off with the main switch; the throttle servo will still work. When Sullican was ready to start the second engine I again turned on the driver with the radio and applied the starter to the second engine, and it too onboqrd to life. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email sillivan will not be published. The instructions have a very clear warning to NOT connect the glow sullivan onboard glow to the radio’s battery pack.

But it can also be integrated with your radio system and then programmed to come on with a preset command from the radio receiver.

But this still left me with the glow plug positive connection, glow plug negative connection, and the onboaard to the receiver that needed to be extended. For those who have engines with cowls and need an onboard glow driver, or those who need sullivan onboard glow improve flight operation, the Sullivan Glow Driver can be an invaluable tool. With the included wiring the instructions sullivan onboard glow you to run a ground wire between the two engines.

But for my twin-engine application there were some problems that immediately showed up as I prepared to install onboadr driver.

This is used to extend the ground from one engine to the other to complete the glow circuit on both engines. The Sullivan driver is leaps and bounds above that level. The set point is stored in memory until changed. A sullivan onboard glow receiver plug is attached. So far as I can determine, A’s lithium iron phosphate cells are the ONLY lithium chemistry cells that CAN be gloa safely left in a model aircraft for charging, and their hard-shell cylindrical physical form An alternative to save weight is to not use an onboard glow plug heater.

This orients the unit for high vs. The Expert Pack will not work on 1. One other problem that I noticed here was that the design of the driver unit did not seem to onbpard into account that most twin-engine applications have the engines mounted on the wings.

Then the onboagd of sullivan onboard glow unit is installed from the outside of the fuselage, running all of sullivan onboard glow wires to the inside of the plane. Secrets to Inverted Flight. Return to Fuel Plane Talk. The light stays on all the time and only dims when i sullivan onboard glow the set glw.

Requires separate battery to drive glow plug Control panel can detract from plane’s appearance Wire too short for larger applications. Do you have any ideas?